Monday, July 26, 2010

The Galvao Book is HERE!!!

I am so excited... I just got about 24 books in the mail. Of which, I'll probably sell at least 10-15 of them at Fight Zone USA.

For those that have pre-ordered, you are more than welcome to swing by and check it out. It should be shipping pretty soon (my books came from the distributor, so I'd imagine Amazon and co. should be getting theirs as well).

Happy Training!!!!


Monday, June 7, 2010

Galvao Preview

Andre Galvao's Drill to Win - 12 Months to Better Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is off to print and this is the final cover.

So, as I wait patiently for the Galvao book to arrive on a slow boat from China (literally), I thought I would provide a couple of sample shots from the book. As I said earlier, the book has been proofed, approved, and sent off to print. That means, the final step is basically printing and shipping. I am euphoric, but I keep myself grounded by working day and night on Leo Vieira's book. No rest for the weary...

On to the book itself. Drill to Win is dedicated toward monumentally improving one's BJJ. Andre shot what felt like 300 techniques and we included every single thing. The book includes diet, strength and balance conditioning, stretching, the basic movements, takedowns, passing, guard attacks and retention, escapes and defense, transitions, and sooooo much more. To efficiently show so much movement, we layered the photos to mimic action, and so far, our peer reviewers have indicated that it works well. We're really happy to do something different with the media (books) and you guys will be twice as shocked when you see Leo's. Anyway, here's a sample of things to come!

A sample of the book's content. Basically, the book follows a one year gameplan to improve your jiu-jitsu using drills. All rep ranges are at a minimum. The more you drill - the better!

Attack from escape!

The previous two page spread is dedicated to removing the hooks to set up your dominant top game transitions.

While this spread focuses on passing off of a realistic passing defense. The drills have to reflect reality! (the two shadowed pics are a problem with how the blog uploaded the pic - the pics are not like that in the book)

Well, I honestly hope that everybody loves the book and that you get a great insight into not only how Andre got so good, but how to hit your own grappling goals as well.

Happy Training,